Yoga for Humanity

I mean, let’s just cut to the chase and call it what it was…… INCREDIBLE!! Yoga for Humanity was a charity event we held to raise money for PUERTO RICO after Hurricane Maria. The event was beyond successful. A packed floor of super Yogi’s rockin’ to Jenny’s HOT STUFF followed by an after party in our patio. Alex was doing what he does best cooking up a storm on the BBQ whilst Laura from St-Germain was serving her classic cocktails. A huge shout out to St- Germain for sponsoring the drinks, Laura Benitez for dedicating her time and all you kick ass amazing humans who came to support. We raised hundreds of dollars for the Ricky Martin foundation for PUERTO RICO and are grateful we are part of the movement of humans that are making a positive impact in changing the world. Somos Una Voz…We are one voice!!

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