Class Descriptions

We have mindfully designed our schedule to create the perfect balance of a Mindy, Body, Soul, workout. Think of it as your “One Stop Shop”. We understand that most students have prefered times of classes they like to attend, with not always enough time to do it all, so we have structured the schedule to meet all your needs. POWER will take care of your strength and conditioning, SUPER POWER will give you your power yoga fix, and REDUCED POWER is to regroup, restore and rejuvenate ……ENJOY!!

All levels

This power yoga class, is a challenging yet user friendly practice for all levels. The dynamic sequencing offers a fun and fresh way to develop alignment, build strength, balance and flexibility, giving you a total body workout.

Intermediate level

This is where you come to get your “bad ass” on. Using pilates, yoga and HITT methods, it bridges the gap between your traditional fitness workout and yoga. It’s your perfect 3 course meal. STARTER: A few bites of yoga to get the heart rate pumping and the heat cranking. MAIN COURSE: A supercharged 40mins of strength and conditioning, cardio fitness, core power, and balance. DESERT: A delicious taste of the sweetest yoga stretches.

All levels

Whether it’s your good ol’fashioned hangover, your body is in need of a tune up, or you're fresh to the whole yoga scene, this is your go to class! While still challenging, we’re turning down the intensity, guiding you through postures that lengthen, strengthen and center.


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  • $69
  • Auto Renew

  • $128/mo
  • No contract

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  • 4 Month Unlimited

  • $432
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We offer mat and towel rentals ($3 each/ $5 for both).

Return/Refund Policy: We do not offer refunds on any yoga class purchases, including single classes, class packs, memberships, workshops or events.