The Birth of Santuario Miami

Pinterest is something so great when you finally discover it…at times a little dangerous. I mean it starts off as something fun that goes well with your morning coffee, you get excited to exchange cool things you’ve saved, and have a good laugh when you realize how alike you are when the pins you’ve saved are exactly the same!! Before you know it, you’re knee-deep in, and you start creating boards…… and one of them is titled “YOGA STUDIO”. In a blink of an eye, our Pinterest boards became reality………. and this my friends was the beginning of designing our beautiful creation named “SANTUARIO MIAMI”

On the second weekend in June of 2017, Santuario Miami opened their doors in Miami’s Little River District.

What was supposed to be just a few friends coming by to warm the space, turned into a full- blown opening party. Argentinians took over the patio with their high-quality BBQing skills, the momma’s and babies took over the yoga room, and about 70 of our friends brought ridiculous amounts of love (and wine) to our new space.

The space wasn’t just built by the 3 of us…….we didn’t just paint flamingos all over the back wall, and awesome, funny, and slightly inappropriate quotes all over the bathroom wallsbecause it’s “COOL”


We apologize to the friends we had to chase out with a mop because we had to end the party and prepare the space for the following morning. Hats off to those of you who made it to class the next day, and SO SO SO grateful for everyone that supported. What went down that weekend was beyond special.

We weren’t lying when we said we were an “eclectic group” of people, nor were we lying about building community. SANTUARIO MIAMI IS ALL OF US.


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