On Saturday July 8th, we hosted our first “ANIMAL HOUSE” event. A by donation only yoga class was held where 100% of the proceeds were given to the ASPCA. If you are familiar with our studio, it is highly likely you have met our guru La “LOLA” Sanchez. She is a rescued Boston Terrier who has built quite the name for herself by the large amounts of unconditional love she gives to every person she comes in contact with. She “IS” the definition of LOVE. We like to think that the students come in for us, but often notice that if LOLA takes a day off from coming into the studio, the first thing students notice missing, is her. It was time we returned the love to her kind. By the turn out of people and their generous donations, it was confirmed that she plays a huge roll in of our mission to build community through the practice of yoga. We are so excited about our space and will continue to rock the theme “support”. Because yoga is not just about the physical practice and the time we spend on our mats…Yoga is everything.

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