Our Story

Santuario : / santu ar ee o / : noun – refuge, haven, harbor, oasis, shelter, retreat, hideaway

Santuario was founded by a group of yogis, travelers, surfers, martial artists, skaters, and mindful gallivanters who are dedicated to sharing the stoke of life. We share a deep love for the mountains and we worship the ocean. We firmly believe that travel is the best education one can receive. If you were to ask us what we think is the best “cleanse”, we would tell you to simply get to the nearest ocean. Our Guru is a Boston Terrier named Lola. We are a salty group of barefoot bandits who think that a healthy life is a well balanced one. So yes, that means we juice…its just that occasionally we spike it 😉


Our Miami studio is our starting point for a bigger vision to bring together a community through the practice of yoga. Our hopes are to offer a local “sanctuary” of sorts where you can disconnect to reconnect to a more mindful way of living.

Yogi Guide

(Know before you go)

Bienvenidos yogis, non-yogis and all the in-betweeners! We can’t wait to meet you!

True to Miami style, we are an eclectic group of people from from different places, with different passions, and we hope to welcome you in exactly the same way. Santuario Miami is not just about the yoga, but about building a community. We wanted to create a space so that YOU can create space in your day and life for you. Bottom line is that we know life can get pretty serious and a bit overwhelming at times. Our goal is to offer a little place to lighten things up a bit, body and mind.
Never done yoga before? Not flexible? Out of shape? We say bring it baby! Absolutely no prep needed. Simply show up “as is” with whatever you got going on, get on the mat and do what you can. No judgement. No stress.


Do your best not to eat anything heavy for about 2 hours before class. Yoga is best done on an empty stomach, but that can get complicated when you have a busy day. Fruit or anything easy for the body to digest is ok if you need to put something in your tummy before class.


Staying properly hydrated is important for everyone, but especially for yogis. Drink water throughout the day, before class, during class and after class. We don’t sell bottled water. Instead we sell $5 reusable bottles that can be filled (and refilled) at our in house filtered water fountain.

We also have coconut water available for purchase.


New students please arrive to the studio 15 minutes before you first class. Pre-registration is available online to save time.


Barefoot bandits only: Please take your shoes off and leave them at our studio entrance.

Savasana: This is the most important pose of the class. Please do not leave early.


We have mats and towels available to rent ($3 each/ $5 for both).

We also have mats and towels available for purchase.


Street parking is available.